Edilcass has always given great importance to customer relationships, basing its activity on respect and service.
Thus allowed the company a continuous development since 1979. Edilcass offers the following services:


Among the services offered by Edilcass, technical advice is the first step to understand and to choice the appropriate products.

Edilcass staff is at disposal to advice the customer in choosing the optimal solutions.
From boxes for roller shutters, to insulating monoblocks, to internal and external doors and windows, qualified personnel will be able to support you both for technical, legislative and fiscal aspects.
When necessary, an inspection at the construction site will be carried out.


After consultancy, the technical service with its expertise and experience will carry out the technical design and will elaborate the related quotation, including, if required, the installation cost.


With the approval of the quotation and the technical documents, Edilcass provides for the products realization that will be delivered to the customer and installed on the construction site when required.


Edilcass guarantees post-sales assistance, as satisfaction and customer relationships are priorities.

“ The attention to the product, the service, the professional and ethical values that have characterized relationships with all internal and external collaborators are the factors that have multiplied Edilcass valuableness during its activity ”