The window sector has been characterized for several years by continuous improvement in terms of used materials, technical solutions, durability, air and water tightness and thermo-acoustic performance.

Over time, the same attention has not been paid for installation. This has resulted in an evolved installation of external doors and windows under the technical aspect, but without any scientific criteria.

This situation has often thwarted the performing quality of doors and windows, leading to various problems of heat loss, mould formation and infiltration.

Recently, also by virtue of the need to contain energy expenditure, work is being done to bridge the gap between the quality of doors and windows and the quality of the installation.

On March 2nd, 2017 it was published the “PART 1 : REQUIREMENTS AND CRITERIA FOR DESIGN VERIFICATION” of the Standard UNI 11673, which gave the guidelines for the standard installation of windows and doors.

This standard defines different aspects and is referenced for the correct installation of the window, exceeding what it was defined in previously “perfectly-made”.

Here you can download a document by Ambrosi partner and Nicola Straudi (Posaclima) which illustrates exhaustively the standard contents.

Edilcass has strengthened a partnership with ambrosi partner srl and straudi spa owner of the posaclima brand, offering on one side consultation and training for the qualification of window installer and the filed operators, on the other as authorized distributor of posaclima products.

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