Edilblok CMV is a monoblock where CMV position is integrated next to the hole of the window, or in theunder sill.
Once completed, it is sufficient to insert the device and connect it to the power supply.
An elegantly designed external plate will conceal the machine and serve as an interface with the final user.

lateral solution

under sill solution

The core of the system

The core of the system is an enthalpic heat exchanger in which the air flows (internal / external and external / internal) intersect without ever mixing and exchange heat without generating condensation during the process (thus avoiding ducts for the disposal of itself).

Efficiency comes first, with 82% of heat recovery.

Manage the operation of Edilblok CMV with the practical remote control.

With the dedicated App you can plan EDILBLOK CMV even remotely!


Just take a breath.

We spend more than 90% of our time in closed environments where radon, moisture and contaminants, in objects of daily use, are harmful to health.
A correct and continuous air exchange is therefore essential.

Edilblok cmv is the solution.

Edilblok CMV is the monobloc integrating Controlled Mechanical Ventilation : an intelligent system of filtration and air exchange with simultaneous heat recovery, which guarantees comfort and energy savings.

It’s easy as breathing a little air.

Thanks to a series of internal sensors, the product operates autonomously, but can also be adjusted even through a remote control or a dedicated application.
In addition, filters changing and cleaning are quick operations, just like a vacuum cleaner.