Rolling shutters

The rolling shutter is a shading system consisting of a cover that wraps around a roller located inside the box. The cover winding takes place with manual or motorized operation.
In recent years the rolling shutters have had a remarkable evolution giving rise to different types, in particular the possibility of having adjustable and micro-perforated slats with increased ventilation.

It is possible to apply an interlocking anti-burglar systems on request.


Rolling shutter in PVC

PVC rolling shutters are a classic solution for each home. They are made with a double multi-faceted slats in PVC and with different internal stiffening intersections depending on the model.

Over certain dimensions, it is recommended to use a metal reinforcements inside the slats.

Rolling shutter in aluminum

The aluminum roller shutters insulated with polyurethane are characterized by their lightness and strength.
The ecological and highly stable polyurethane foam, guarantees durability without any need of maintenance.

The insulated aluminum shutters are available in six variants depending on the polyurethane density (medium or high) and the types of slats locking.

Steel rolling shutter

Safety, solidity and protection are guaranteed by the insulated steel shutters.
Furthermore, this product is characterized by high stability and durability, without any need of maintenance.

To meet the specific needs of customers, insulated steel blinds are available in two variants.

Rolling shutter in aluminum zanzartap

Zanzartap is the innovative shutter made with an integrated mosquito net.
The micro-perforation that characterizes the surface of the hook represents an effective protective barrier against insects and allows greater air recycling, gradual darkening effect and privacy.

Arialuce aluminum rolling shutter

The AriaLuce roller shutter offers ventilation and lighting everywhere in the house, even at lowered roller shutter due to the particular slot present in the slat.
The hole size, clearly bigger than the traditional models, makes this product unique and particular.

Rolling shutter in aluminum/pvc duero

DUERO is a double material roller shutter slat (a PVC profile inside and an aluminum profile filled with insulating foam outside) which protects you from undesired temperatures.

The thermal transmittance is interrupted between the external and internal environment, offering a great comfort benefit.

The possibility of a two-tone effect between the inner and outer side is very interesting.

Sun louvers

Sole is a heat-resistant and a completely recyclable rolling shutter. The peculiarity of this model is represented by the patented PVC reinforcement and by the high resistance that guarantees the shape stability even in extreme heating conditions. The Sole rolling shutter is registered as Pinto brand.

Extruded aluminum rolling shutter

The armored aluminum blinds are burglar-proof and respond to the growing needs related to security and privacy.
These roller shutters ensure stability and long duration even without maintenance activities.

They are available in 3 variants.

Aluminum shutters

Insulated aluminum shutters are the solution as garage, office and shop shutters.

The polyurethane foam guarantees the thermal insulation of this product.
The used raw materials ensure resistance and durability.

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